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Academic Achievements

Zion had been having a pretty quiet month until this past week. His asthma started to flare up, then he got a stomach bug from school (which he passed to his dad and me), and now he’s had on and off fever for 2 days. My poor little guy. When it rains, it pours for him, and he tries so hard to get through it like a big guy. Other than that, he had a good Halloween. He dressed up at one of the dogs from Puppy Dog Pals. He went down a few streets and then he and his sister were ready to come home. Hey, fine by me! Less candy we had to bring back.


He has been doing so amazing at school, and I see an entirely different kid then I did last year. Around this time last year, he started getting picked on and would tell us he didn’t want to go to school (we didn’t know why yet).  This year, he is being tested for Gifted & Talented services, has been a great role model in class, and according to his teacher is loved by his peers.  He was absent from school almost all week, and his teacher told me that all his peers were saying how much they missed Zion! This melted my heart and made me feel secure in making the decision to keep him at this school. On top of all this, they are thinking of possibly testing him to be placed in the 1st grade early. He is going to start going to a 1st-grade classroom for Reading and Math to see how he does academically and socially.  Zion is now officially reading at a 2nd-grade level, and just the other day he was counting pennies, nickels, and dimes independently. I am amazed at how fast this little boy picks up things and how he is able to retain pretty much everything after the first try.

I can’t believe Thanksgiving and Christmas are already here again. This year flew by! We are looking forward to adopting Airmen for Thanksgiving again. Every year Lackland AFB lets the trainees go off base to spend Thanksgiving with an adoptive family for the day. We did it last year, and I cried a little bit when we dropped them back at the base. However, I know that bringing them into our home gives them a family to spend time with on a holiday.  Thank you so much for reading! We appreciate all the love and support. Autism Awareness grows every single day, and I am happy that I can be a part of that.