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Black Stallion – Week 2

The fire that started out as devastating, has actually saved Alec’s life! A passing ship saw the flames and investigated, only to find a young boy running toward them. After their shock has worn off, and they have heard his story, they are ready to load him up on the ship and set sail again. Alec however refuses to leave without the black. He must take the horse with him. After explaining that he owes his life to the black, they agree to let him try, but actually getting the black to the ship is going to be interesting. Alec decides to have him swim out there, and when they get to the boat, they lower a cargo hoist. Now Alec has to get it around the horse, so they can haul him up on board. After a little struggling, and one powerful kick from a hoof, they are finally ready to get him aboard and set off again.

Cabling his parents to let him know that they are safe, they set sail for Rio de Janeiro, where his parents have sent money for him to get on board a ship to America. Once on board, he crashes for a few days, catching up on the sleep that he has lost over the past few weeks of being stranded. As he works to keep the black calm on the voyage, he is excited to be getting home and seeing his parents. Transferring from one boat to the other, he is finally on his way back home. He can’t leave the black alone, so he spends the entire trip in the hold.

Finally back in America, he must get the black down the gangplank without losing control. He is hoping his parents will let him keep the horse, but he is not sure what their response will be. He knows he has to convince them one way or another. As they move toward home and finding a place to keep the black, Alec is excited. The reporter that met them on the dock is ready to get his story, and as Alec recounts the story, time slips away and he is lost in the memories of it all.

But life is not about to slow back to normal just yet…

This week we are reading Chapters 5-9


  1. Why do you think Alec got so angry when the sailors didn’t believe his story?
  2. Do you think Alec should have let his parents know that he was bringing the black with him?
  3. What do you think of Henry’s plan for the black? Will it work?