The Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules – Week 2

With their first heist not garnering as much money as they hoped, the League of Pensioners take to a bigger heist. This one is going to be one for the books. They are going to rob the museum of a few priceless paintings. Martha and Brains have done their homework on getting the right paintings and the time of day where the security guards are most likely not to be on such high alert. They each have their own part to play, but they have to pull them off just right to keep from arousing suspicion.

In the meantime, Katia has no idea where the five friends have gotten off to. She is not sure what to do. She has called Nurse Barbara but she is not answering the phone, so there is not much that she can do. It is not until Rake’s son comes to visit that the truth comes out, and the police are notified. With the five people finally posted as missing, maybe they will be returned soon to the retirement home.

While the five friends are on their cruise to gather the ransom money for the paintings that they stole, they realize that half of the money is missing. One of the carts holding about five million has gone astray, but they take the remaining cart and make off with what they can. Back at the hotel, they put the money into stockings and lower them down the drain pipe to keep them safe and dry until they can get out of prison.

Now there is just the small detail of getting the police to believe that they are responsible for one of the largest art heists in their time…

This week we are reading Chapters 19-38


  1. Martha and Brains have put a lot of thought into the art robbery. Are there any downfalls that they should be aware of?
  2. Nurse Barbara is concerned about the reputation of the retirement home, but the kids of the missing pensioners are starting to ask some questions. Does the retirement home have anything to worry about?
  3. Now that they are about to turn themselves into the police, do you think that there are any other robberies about to take place?