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Step outside your comfort zone..

International Children’s book day is celebrated on April 2 every year! This is such a great opportunity to step outside the normal book zone that we have and look at what some of the fairy tales and other beloved children’s tales from around the world.

Here are some ideas for activities:

  • invite parents from other cultures to share their childhood favorites and folk tales
  • encourage children to write a story about a child from another culture
  • explore flags, food, clothing, housing and stories from other cultures
  • visit a local bookstore or library and sew

While there are many more you can do, these are just a few that stand out! You can even create your own activity, based on what your children really enjoy! Super heroes, villains, and more are all present in each child’s culture! Check your local library to see if they have anything planned! While you are at it, head over  and check out the MyMilitarySavings.com Book Club! Each month, we offer a children’s book! These adventures can take us all over the world!