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The Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules – Week 1

Martha and her group of choir friends were hoping for a restful retirement. But their plans change, when their retirement home changes management and things take a turn for the worse. The delicious food that was once served, is now disgusting and less than desirable. Sandwiches and lukewarm meals that taste more like plastic is not what the group of friends had in mind. Martha, is not one to sit still, so she begins to form a plan in her mind for a simple rebellion. Nurse Barbara is one of their main targets. she is not well liked, and spends her time trying to get in cozy with the boss instead of making sure the residents have what they need.

It started when they decided to sneak into the kitchen reserved for staff. There they found choice meats and wines. With little convincing needed, they dive in to cook a delicious meal and some fun for the first time in ages. As they doze off in their chairs after eating, they sleep the night away in the kitchen, only to be discovered by the manager the next morning. Now they are being given pills to keep them “in line.”

Knowing their revolution will never take off if they continue this way, Martha quits taking her pills and within a few days is beginning to feel better. She pays a visit to Brains, and convinces him to do the same thing. Now their planning must commence in earnest. Having seen a documentary on what life in prison was like, she is convinced that is their ticket to a better life. They must commit a crime, something big enough to land them in prison for a few years. That way they can enjoy decent food and the freedom to move around outside. What they decide on is daring. They are going to commit a robbery, taking from some of the wealthy. Martha believes that their plan is fool-proof, but time will tell….

This week we are reading Chapters Prologue-18


  1. Martha is a very determined individual. Do you think the group could have started without her?
  2. Brain’s has quite a few witty inventions. Could any of them actually work?
  3. Their first robbery does not quite go as planned. But they re-group quickly. What do you think of their next scheme?