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Black Stallion – Week 4

Alec is determined to find a way to race the Black. He knows that he can win, but without the proper paperwork, there is nothing that he can do. Or so he thought! His friend, Joe brings another newspaperman with him to see the Black run at night. The write up that the Black gets in the newspapers has everyone talking about this mystery horse. Finally, they get the news they were hoping for. The Black will be allowed to race in the showdown between Sun Raider and Cyclone. But the question will become, does the Black have what it takes to get through the race?  With the newspaper men thoroughly won over, Alec and Henry must bide their time.

Alec must tell his father that the Black has been accepted into the race, and hope that he will be allowed to ride the Black in the race. With his father’s permission given, he begins to make his plans. Henry is there to help Alec, and gives him his old racing uniform to wear. Alec is thrilled and excited to be going to Chicago for the race. As they get to Chicago and start getting set up, they have to keep people away from the area, so the Black does not get over nervous and worked up. But the day of the race arrives, and they are about to show everyone the wonder of the mystery horse!

The race is about to begin, and the time has come… Will Alec and the Black finish the race?

This week we are reading Chapters 15-18


  1. Do you think Alec should have told his dad from the beginning about wanting to race the Black?
  2. With Henry coaching Alec, do you think this helped get the Black under better control?
  3. What did you think of the ending of the book? Did you enjoy the read?