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Boneman’s Daughters – Week 2

When Ryan returned home from his most recent deployment, he walked right into a war zone beyond anything he had encountered before. His wife, in another one of her affairs, has decided that she no longer wants to be married. Their daughter as well wants nothing to do with him. The betrayal by his family is more than the torture that he experienced in the desert. Since he decided to confront the DA that has been sleeping with his wife, he has since been hit with a restraining order, where he has to keep a mile distance between his family and himself.

With the release of the Phil Switzer, who had been convicted of the BoneMan murders, the entire case has been reopened. Ricki, the FBI agent who has worked the case is frustrated with the evidence being thrown out, but she is not entirely convinced that the man put away was the guilty party. But then why did he BoneMan stop when Switzer was arrested? Why would he not make himself known somehow. Now she must reexamine the evidence and see where it takes her. But the fact that Ryan Evans has been thrown into the mix, with a connection somehow to the BoneMan, she must figure out where they all fit in. But the real BoneMan is about to make his presence known, and in a way that will get everyone’s attention.

Now Ricki has been asking questions about the BoneMan, thinking there may be a connection between Ryan and the BoneMan. The DA with a grudge thinks there might be a connection to, one that will blow Ryan away. Burt thinks Ryan is the BoneMan. But when Ryan’s daughter is kidnapped, and his wife does not call to let him know, he makes his way there himself, with a message from the BoneMan on his answering machine. When he arrives at the house, he finds himself on the defensive. Burt wants him arrested, and the FBI is not helping matters. He forces his way past all of them, and makes his escape…. But for how long?

This week we are reading Chapters 10-18


  1. Celine has never been faithful to Ryan, so why did it take so long for her to ask for a divorce?
  2. Bethany has turned against her father as well, but is that more of the product of the home she was raised in? Do you think her feelings would be different if her mother had not poisoned her against him?
  3. Why would the BoneMan call Ryan?