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Books on Review – SOULMATES

Alrighty then dear readers. I have a new book review for you!! I definitely need to put an age restriction on this one (lots of adult themes and language).. 21 and older please  🙂 But it was a good read, and one that took me just about four hours to read through (that includes the constant interruptions from my kids). This one just kind of draws you in, and makes you wonder just what in the world the next chapter is going to bring. So grab a snack and settle in for the duration, once you start this book you will not want to stop!!

Now, I have ONE copy of this book to send to one of you.. just tell me if you have ever taken a yoga class before or not! Easy Peasy ya’ll!


This story is told from the perspective of three people. Dana and Ethan are the main voices, but Ray, Ethan’s father makes his appearance too.


Dana’s marriage fell apart years ago, but she has never fully gone through the phases of moving on. When she grabs a paper one morning she sees something that makes her entire world come to a complete halt. Her husband the woman that he ran off with have been found dead in the desert and the police are thinking its a murder suicide. Dana knows that Ethan is not capable of violence, and so she hops a plane to New Mexico to find out for herself what is going on. She spends some time at the resort and then makes her way to the police station, where she can talk to the sheriff and figure out what might have happened. No one has any answers, but Dana is determined to dig deeper and find out what happened.

Ethan writes down what happened between him and Dana, and it is quite a shock to her to read about it in the library of the resort. She steels herself and digs in, determined to learn his frame of mind. But what she discovers is nothing close to what she expected. The feelings of hate are replaced by sympathy.

In the meantime, she talks to Ethan’s dad and finds out more of the story as he reveals a bit about Ethan’s mother. When she is offered a chance to return, she jumps and takes the month at the Homestead, to try and learn more as she can. But as time goes on, one has to wonder what will actually happen. Is she in danger from Yoni, the man who runs the entire organization and has a somewhat shady past? Join Dana as she embarks on her search and the truth of what really happened…


If you want to search the book, if the library does not have it, you can find them here, as well as more information on the author!

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