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Bourbon Bacon Brownies!!

I know, I know. Bourbon… and bacon… in a chocolate brownie!? Yes. Abso-freakin-lutely! This either sounds like a fantastic idea to you, or you are thinking that that has to be the grossest combination ever. But let me explain to you why this is Heaven in your mouth…

It started a few years ago when my hubby was deployed to Afghanistan for what felt like the longest 7 months ever. We had just had a new baby, were stationed in Germany away from all of our support system, and there he was leaving me to fend for myself with two young children. Must I explain why I had the bourbon on hand?? HA! Totally kidding. And I’m not trying to be all “woe is me” over here – I would have much rather been in my shoes than in his, but it was a bad 7 months. Long and exhausting and stressful. So when his return date neared, I decided I had to throw an awesome Welcome Home Party to celebrate. I needed the liquor, and he needed the homemade food, with lots and lots of BACON. 🙂 I actually decided to use a bacon theme for the party! Bacon wrapped pickles, chocolate coated bacon, chicken stuffed with cream cheese and bacon, buttered rice with bacon bits, and so forth and so on. PLUS I made these scrumpdillyumptious Bourbon Bacon Brownies. Oh. My. Word. That was game over! One bite and it was declared his absolute favorite dessert of all time, hands down. With him being a prior cheesecake addict, I’d say that was kind of a big deal. And this recipe has been in rotation in our home ever since!!

You do need to enjoy the flavor of bourbon to appreciate these brownies. If that’s not your thing, you can totally omit the liquor and just stick with the bacon and the chocolate. You WON’T go wrong with that! At first bite you sink your teeth into a chewy, chocolate fudge piece of happiness and very shortly after your palate is hit with the smokey deliciousness of crisp crumbles of bacon. Your experience will end with sweet caramel notes from the bourbon, with a slight tang of burnt sugar that adds a layer of flavor that any bourbon drinker will enjoy. I mean… what more reason do you need to try these things!?

The only ingredients needed are:


Step 1) You will prepare the brownie mix as directed on the box, using the oven temperature and baking times suggested for an 8×8″ pan. Once brownie mix has been added to all other ingredients as directed on the box, stir in the crumbled bacon and 3 tablespoons of bourbon.


Step 2) Pour the brownie batter into a greased 8×8″ pan and bake as directed on the package (approximately 55 minutes.)

Step 3) Remove the brownies from the oven and immediately pour the remaining 3 tablespoons of bourbon on the top. Be careful as this will cause sizzling. Let the brownies cool completely before cutting. Top with a bit of extra crumbled bacon, if desired!


My photographs do this dessert no justice as it is hard to capture the different flavors of this treat in a picture. I hope you will give this recipe a try and let me know how much you loved it below!! Surprise the bacon-lover in your life with this yumminess tonight! 🙂

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