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Bridge to Terabithia – Week 3

Jess and Leslie have been spending all of their spare time together. Their kingdom is flourishing and the stories continue to flow while the King and Queen build their imaginary kingdom. Easter rolls around and Leslie asks for permission to go to Church with the family. Jess thinks she is nuts, as he cannot think of anything more boring, but she seems truly interested in it. She has never been.

When the rain starts, Jess begins to fear going to Terabithia. Its not the place he is afraid of, but dangling over the raging river scares him more than he cares to admit to Leslie. When the call comes from his favorite teacher, whom he has a secret crush on, to spend the day in Washington at the museum he jumps at the chance. As they pass Leslie’s house, Jess thinks that he should have told her and asked Ms. Edmond’s if she could come too, but he quickly forces the thought out of his mind and enjoys the day. As he stores bit of information to share later with Leslie, he has no idea that his life is fixing to take a wrenching turn.


This week we are reading Chapters 8-10:


1. Jess hates going to church but Leslie seems intrigued by it. Why the differences?

2. Jess has many fears that he keeps to himself. Do you think he is afraid that Leslie would think less of him if he admitted them?

3. Jess has the most amazing day with his teacher, Ms Edmond’s. Do you think he was being selfish by not inviting Leslie?




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