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Castle in the Attic – Week 3

William has entered the world of the castle. He knows that he has to apologize to Mrs. Phillips. He even brought her a peace offering to her. But now they must set their minds to the adventure at hand. There is a task to be completed and it will require strength and skill. He must learn to use weapons that he has never touched before, and master them in a short amount of time.  Now he is training to be a squire with Sir Simon. He works with Sir Simon in the mornings, and Mrs. Phillips in the afternoons. She is helping him keep his gymnastics routine in order and to help him complete the more difficult moves. He is grateful to have her back with him again. But he knows that they cannot remain there forever. They must go up against the wizard Alastor in order to put Sir Simon back in charge of his lands.

Finally the day arrives when Sir Simon says the time has arrived for their quest. They must get a good nights rest and then be ready to head out in the morning. William is nervous and wishes that Mrs. Phillips could go with them. But she will remain in the castle and continue to work on the needlework she is doing. Sir Simon gives very specific instructions for William to follow, and they must be careful, as the way is going to be dangerous. They must stay on a certain path, or they will be lost forever. As they move through the forest, William almost falls off the trail, but then Sir Simon runs off into the forest, leaving William alone to navigate the path and make it to the castle. He must make his own way, and find ways to drown out the noise as he works through the darkness. As he masters one task, he comes to another, and another. As he slowly makes his way to the castle, he is learning more about Alastor and the terrible hold he has over the land. But when William learns that he must defeat a dragon, he is not sure that he will be able to…

This week we are reading Chapters 10-13


  1. Do you think William understood the consequences of his actions?
  2. Sir Simon has taken William under his wing, teaching him what he needs to know. Is there anything else that maybe he should have learned?
  3. If you had to defeat a dragon, would you be scared?