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Circle of Photos for Dad #MMSCraft #FathersDay

Have you gotten dad a gift yet? We just got back from vacation so we are grabbing a few last minute things. One of his gifts will be this Circle of Photos for Dad. A few months ago I realized that I had not printed any photos in almost a year. When our oldest son was born I always printed images to send to family and to make picture books for the boys. This is a different take on a picture board and very easy to make.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Canvas or cardboard shape (I picked this canvas covered cardboard circle at a craft store)
  • Hot Glue Gun/Glue
  • Letters
  • Washi Tape (you could also paint the letters)
  • Small clothes pins


And your personal photos of course! I’ll be picking up our images tomorrow afternoon. I know I’m cutting it close. It’s going to be great!

Let’s get started!

The letters can be any fabric or type. We’ll start by covering each letter with your choice washi tape. You can get really creative with washi tape. As you can see, we decided to go different ways with the tape on each letter.


Hot glue the letters onto the canvas/cardboard and let set. Once it’s set you can add your small clothes pins. You can add as many clothespins as you’d like. We decided to add four along the bottom and two on top. *Make sure when you glue the clothes pins down so that the picture hangs some from the board. Also remember to not add too many as the board will get heavier.

You can glue a wall bracket to use as a hanger or your can glue a small semi circle of twine to use as a nail hook.

This craft is super easy and a great way to change up the “tie for dad” gift. You can let the kids choose the images they want dad to enjoy with his gift. And you can omit the washi tape and paint the letters or cardboard. The kids can really get creative with a paintbrush! Either way, this craft will be one you can make for dad, mom, grandparents and friends as well. If you make this craft please tag us on social media on Twitter @MyMilitarySvgs and using the #MMSCraft hash tag.

and Last but not least.. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!



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