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Craving Adventure? Join Us In Reading “The Jungle Book”

Good day, young readers!

Every now and then, I come across a book that jumps out as a “you have to read me” title. The past couple of months, I have been finding more and more of these books – classics, adventures, and so much more! Each of them transports you to a new location – that is – if you let your imagination soar!

This month, we are currently reading “The Winter Room” by Gary Paulsen. This story is a bit of a different adventure, but still a great one in its own right. But our next book is going to be an adventure that you do not want to miss. It is, in fact, THREE adventures packed into one book! Most of us have seen The Jungle Book movie, but did you know there was more to the story than what the movie shows? I didn’t! So, when I discovered this book, I knew that we had to read it!

May is going to bring the fabulous adventures of Mowgli and others in “The Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling. Get ready for some fun to dive in!


Book Blurb from Goodreads.com

A classic story of friendship between man and beast. Saved from the jaws of the evil tiger Shere Khan, young Mowgli is adopted by a wolf pack and taught the law of the jungle by lovable old Baloo the bear and Bhageera the panther. The adventures of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi the snake-fighting mongoose, little Toomai and the elephant’s secret dance, and Kotick the white seal are all part of Mowgli’s extraordinary journey with his animal friends.


The Jungle Book