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Creating new adventures using the classics!


Kids are highly energetic, and anyone that can figure out how to siphon that extra energy out of them and give it to their parents…INSTANT BILLIONAIRE! But, until that day happens, parents are continually searching for ways to keep their kids busy, especially during the summer months. Without parking them in front of the television all day, or giving them electronic games, sometimes finding those little games that can wear them out is just about as exhausting for the parents. However there are so many alternatives to electronics, and most of them you can find right inside your own home! As always, start with your books at home or your local library. Children reading books independently and/or with their parents is just one fabulous alternative to entertain and captivate your child’s imagination.


Have you thought about creating scavenger hunts from children’s classics? Take “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stephenson for instance. While reading through the story with your littles, you can have even more fun by creating a treasure map for them to follow at the end! Your clues can be anything, even including chores (help mom with one chore to get the next clue), and then at the end they can find a little box or “treasure chest” with their prize! A couple of coins, a gift card for ice cream, it can be just about anything!! If you want to let them pretend to be pirates, you can leave “treasure” around the house for them to find – or make them search through (sort) the laundry while looking for hidden coins. You can pretend to be soldiers storming the beaches of Normandy, or Edmund Dantes from the “Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas. The possibilities are simply endless!


Kids by nature are adventurous, and while that may drive some of us crazy (I have caught my kids rappelling down our stair case a couple of times already), they have the imagination that can keep one very busy!! Boys can be much more hands on than girls at times (not always), but adventures for boys and girls can abound during the summer time! Grab a tent and prepare for some fun under the stars – you can even do this in your backyard! Pack a small picnic and a copy of “Swiss Family Robinson” by Johann David Wyss, and pretend that you are stuck on an island! Read through any book that you choose and create your own adventure!! You can even have fun with “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville.

By creating your own adventures, and delving into books that you and your kids can enjoy together, the summer months are going to fly by! Make sure that you keep the library on your go-to list! There are so many fun events that happen during the summer months, and parents might even be able to sneak an hour or two of their own reading in while the kids are participating! Crafts, book fairs, and more are all summer library to-do’s.

How many adventures will you go on this summer!? Keep tabs with the MMS Book Club! We have plenty of adventures coming your way!