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‘Salem’s Lot – Week 1

Jerusalem’s Lot or ‘Salem’s Lot as it has been come to be known is a town full of mystery and foreboding. There are several people who have simply vanished – some for the want of a better life and some… well, no one knows the reason for their disappearance.

When Ben Mears comes back to town, he begins to wonder why he did. Since he lost his wife in an accident, his life seems to have been one that is lacking. However, he has decided to write a new novel, and had come back to the town of his youth to complete his new work. On his first day in town, he meets Susan Norton, and the two quickly strike up a conversation, and make plans to spend time together. As the days move forward, Ben alternates his time between writing and spending time with Susan.

The Marsten House was one that commanded attention. Home to a wealthy couple, they had been found dead in the home. Birdie Marsten was shot, while Hubert Marsten was found hanging in a room upstairs. Since then, the town had just sort of shriveled and lost the charm that it had held. Like the town on Momson, it was on the verge of becoming extinct. The town of Momson was frozen in time. Tables set for dinner, beds turned down waiting for someone to crawl in, and items on the counter waiting to be bought. It all seemed to be very odd, but there seemed to be no explanation for it.

Ben Mears wanted to buy the Marsten House, and is surprised when he finds it has already been sold. The town realtor seemed very tight lipped on the entire subject.

When Danny and his younger brother go out together, little do they know that the entire night is fixing to take a turn and not one for the better…

This week we are reading Chapters 1-3


  1. Ben Mears seems to turn up to confront the past, but we are not given to many clues as to what those are yet. What do you think he is REALLY doing in ‘Salem’s Lot?
  2. What do you think of the undercurrent of the book so far? There seem to be quite a few threads that are hanging, but not quite drawn together?
  3. What might be the secret that the town is hiding?