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Decisions and Reality

Can you believe summer is over? Who has already started back to school? I literally feel like I left work, blinked, and now I am back at work. This year and summer have flown by for me and it is hard to believe that I am sending my little Zion off to the world of Kindergarten! So I know in my last couple of blogs I have talked about Zion going to school with me. Well, things have changed. The main reason I wanted to bring Zion to my school was because he was being picked on and I didn’t feel like enough was being done to stop it. I have mentioned before that he is part of The Academy of Social Diversity. They work with students with Autism and do pretty amazing things with them. Well, this year they were able to get some pretty amazing resources and they will be able to help Zion with his Social Skills training (among other things). Zion can be somewhat awkward with other kids and adults, so I feel like since he’s still so young, he has the ability to really use what the academy has to offer. After speaking to the leaders and teachers at his current campus, I presented this option to Zion. I know, some people are thinking “you are letting a 5 year old dictate what he wants to do” and the answer is yes, I 100% am. My son is a child with Autism. And no matter what some people may think, things affect him deeply and he is well aware of what goes on around him. Therefore, I left the choice up to him, and in the end, he decided he wanted to go back to the school that he went to last year.

This wasn’t an easy decision for me to swallow. Deep down, I want Zion right there in my sights. However, I know in my gut where he can benefit the most. So I had to let go of some control, and trust that things are going to be okay. I told Jeremiah recently that I worry about Zion. People can say oh he will be okay, but I am his mom, and I am with him daily. I see things that other people don’t, and so yes, I worry about him. Zion is such a smart kid and he is so sweet and funny. He is pretty amazing all around. However, he is also very passive and doesn’t understand how to defend himself. The world we live in now can be pretty harsh, and so I will always worry about him. Thoughts? Opinions? Did I do the right mom thing lol?

As I said before this summer flew by! We went to the beach, saw the USS Lexington, went to Houston, and overall just got to spend a lot of family time together. Zion loves the ocean (not really the sand) and so he wanted to spend hours just hanging out in the water. His happiness is my happiness.

Thank you so much for reading and watching! We appreciate the continued support! Be sure to wish Zion a great first day (it is the 27th) and I will relay the message to him!