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DIY Leafy Fall Greetings

Fall is FINALLY here, officially! With the first day of fall now under our belts, we can move into full fall festival mode. I pretty much love everything about this time of year – hot apple cider, changing leaves, fires, camping, and sooo much more! I could not let this go by without some official notice! So craft brain started working, and I tried to come up with something new that had not been done a million times before. Have I mentioned I love chocolate too?? Its a sad addiction, and something that I give into way to often. So of course I had to include this in my craft! Kiddos were thrilled, as they got to each chocolate while we worked, and probably even more excited to use glue. Cause, you know, kids and glue is a fantastic idea! We had eyelids glued, hands and lips – pretty much everything but the paper I had pulled out. But I digress..

This is the perfect fall craft, and you can incorporate it any way you want! Make a timeline for a deployed loved one (just add twine and hang), include in boxes for friends, or mail to grandparents.. the list simply goes on! We created these to hand out to our neighbors. It was a fun afternoon!

What you need:

  • Construction Paper
  • Leaf Template (I found one online)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Chocolates – I used the Hershey bite sized candies

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  1. Once you have your template printed off, cut out and trace onto your construction paper.
  2. Cut out carefully (tricky tricky little curves)
  3. Put glue on the back of your candy and place on your leaf cut out
  4. Let sit and dry for a few hours, to ensure they don’t slide off
  5. Write your greeting

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Super easy right?? I used construction paper I already had at the house, and the candy was left over from my last chocolate binge session. There are tons of cute ones in the stores now, and you can create so many different patterns and shapes with these! We choose colorful leaves to celebrate the changing of the seasons! Share your creations with us!

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