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Don’t Forget The Sunscreen!

School might be back in session, but its still hot as all get out! Don’t forget the sunscreen! Even though the majority of the day for kids is now spent inside a classroom, there is still a chance that they could get a sunburn while out at recess.

We just started back to school yesterday. We started a new school, so the kids were excited to get started and make some new friends for the year. I didn’t think about recess, and the fact that they are going to be spending time in the sun. My youngest came home with a sunburn yesterday! 20 minutes is all it takes! He was miserable, and I felt terrible for not thinking about needing to protect them during their recesses.

Lesson learned the hard way! It is so easy to get some sunscreen to keep in their bags. Most of the time, they will remember to use it before heading outside, and you can also let their teachers know that its there if its needed. Your local Exchange has some great savings on sunscreen right now! We have at least another month of very sunny weather ahead, so be sure to keep some in stock, and combat sunburns before they begin!

Neutrogena and Aveeno both have select sunscreens on special now, and you can save $1.00 on these products! Check out the savings on the MMS Exchange page, and keep enjoying summer!