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Kick Heartburn To The Curb with Tums Smoothies!

Heartburn has never been a fun side affect of some of our favorite foods! What if you could kick heartburn to the curb easily? Well, you can! Tums have been around for years, providing relief to those who suffer from that burning sensation. Have you tried to Tums Smoothies? Oh my, they are so good! I love these flavors!

As someone who suffers from heartburn frequently, I keep Tums on hand just about everywhere I am! I keep them in the car, some in my purse, and even my backpack! It has been something that most medications won’t touch, but Tums can calm my heartburn quickly and efficiently. We all suffer from different levels of heartburn. There are times that you feel like a volcano ready to erupt, but most of the time its that simmering, low-lying burn, such as a slow burning fire in the backyard (perfect for roasting marshmallows, but not such a great feeling). Which ever form of heartburn you are suffering from, check out the Tums Smoothies! Great tasting, smooth, and quick to put the damper on those uncomfortable feelings.

If any of the above sounds familiar, you need to head over to the commissary and grab these today! However, before you do – check out the savings! These coupons can save you some serious cash, giving your wallet a short break from the burning feeling too! Kick heartburn, save money, feel better!

View the great savings from GSK this month here: My Military Savings GSK. Not only will they save you money on Tums, but some of your other favorite items as well!