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Find Relief with TUMS now!

Heartburn can be a real drag, and it usually appears at the worst times. I find that I suffer more at bedtime than I do other times of the day. When it comes to finding relief fast, I reach for the TUMS

When it comes to finding relief from the occasional bout of heartburn, nothing can beat the fast acting TUMS. Did you know that you can take TUMS while you are pregnant? You can! However, pregnant or not, if you suffer from more persistent heartburn, you will want to speak with your doctor. 

TUMS has one of the most recognized jingles around, but has been a trusted brand for almost 100 years. It was created by a doctor who was attempting to help his wife find some relief from her constant heartburn. From the regular formula to the soft chews that are available, there are multiple ways to find the relief that you crave. 

Here are some ways TUMS can help you:

  • Heartburn
  • Indigestion
  • Upset stomach

If you suffer from gas, TUMS chews with gas relief can help alleviate that and the bloating that can accompany that uncomfortable feeling. 

This month, you can find TUMS on sale at your local commissary! Get rid of heartburn at great prices! To view the sale pricing and other great products available visit: https://bit.ly/3kQv97e

‘Tums, Tum-Tum-Tum, Tums!’