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Get CAUGHT Reading!!

Its National GET CAUGHT READING month!! These are the fun ones that I love! Diving into some great books, and in some fantastic locations as well!! I enjoy reading, no matter where I am! I hauled books from the USA to Israel several years ago, so that I would have something to read in the evenings when we were finished working. Doesn’t matter the time of year, weather forecast, or time of day – it is always the right time to read!

I recently stumbled across a thread on social media talking about the weirdest places that people had been caught reading. I thought it was fantastic and decided to do a little investigating into what might have been posted elsewhere. Can you say BUCKET LIST!?

Here are the top contenders:

  • Wheelbarrow
  • Hay Loft
  • On top of a van
  • On a boat
  • Shopping cart
  • In a tree (I loved this one – reminds me of childhood dreams)

And of course, I have to mention this one – I have been caught reading on a pile of pillows in a bathtub while staying in a hotel (I mean honestly – I had to know how the book ended and everyone else was asleep).

There are so many fantastic places to read!! No matter where you are, keep a book handy!

CHALLENGE: Share a photo of the craziest place YOU have been caught reading!!