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Gifting with Pepsi this Holiday Season

As the Holidays come and go and the year comes to an end, many are giving gifts.  Gifts that incorporate the flavors and favorites of Pepsi are sure to be a hit. Sounds like a great idea but not sure where to start? Well I’ve got some ideas for you.

Buy a 12 or 24 pack of cans and arrange them like a cake. Check out these examples:

The gift of Pepsi drinks is sure to be a crowd favorite.

You could also put together a snack basket that is sure to be enjoyed by many. Here are some examples:

Do you know someone who loves to spend time in the kitchen?  Give the ingredients to a favorite recipe and the recipe itself and there you have a thoughtful and unique gift. You may even introduce them to a recipe that they love so much it becomes a regular for them. Here are two recipes that are sure to be a hit:



This holiday season don’t forget to spread joy with Pepsi!