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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – Week 3

Harry seems to keep being thrust into the limelight, and not because he wants to be there. Professor Lockhart calls on Harry for each of his demonstrations in class! Acting the parts of vampires and werewolves, he helps the professor enact some of the highlights from his books, if only to keep the professor in a good mood. Hermoine has decided that they must try the potion and soon if they are going to find out what is going on in the school. Hogwarts has been under attack from some unknown monster, and while the rumors of the Chamber of Secrets seem to be coming back around, they must find out what is going on. Asking Professor Lockhart to sign off on the request for a book from the restricted section in the library is their best bet, and he signs off on her request without a second look which book they are wanting. Of course, Hermoine is the smartest girl in the school, so who would question her wanting to learn more??

With one of the biggest quidditch matches that they have coming up against Slytherin House, Harry is a bit nervous! With the Slytherin’s having faster brooms, he is not sure of the chance they have in the match to outwit them. It all hinges on Harry being able to catch the golden snitch before Malfoy does. When the match does arrive, things go wrong from the start! There is a bludger that no matter what direction it is hit in, it turns and come comes right back toward Harry. George and Fred are doing their best to keep it away from him, but it also means that the Slytherin team is scoring quite a few more points. He begs them to keep away from him and let him worry about the bludger, which they reluctantly agree to do. As Harry dodges the rouge bludger and tries to find the snitch, he is hit in the elbow, shattering the bones in his arm. At the last moment, he catches the snitch! He manages to land his broom before fainting from the pain. When he regains consciousness, Professor Lockhart is standing over him. Harry tries to refuse his help, but Lockhart insists. Instead of mending the broken bones, he makes all the bones in Harry’s arm disappear! Harry is forced to spend the night in the hospital wing having his bones regrown.

As the night wears on, Harry gets an unexpected visitor! Dobby shows up to check on him. But when Dobby starts talking, Harry is able to get some information out of him! Remember when Harry could not get through to the train? Dobby was the one who sealed the entry way barring him from gaining access to the train. It was also Dobby who created the rouge bludger, trying to scare Harry away from Hogwarts. Why does he want Harry to leave though? Harry is adamant in his refusal to leave the school, and Dobby is worried for the safety of his friend. But, he lets one thing slip… the Chamber of Secrets DOES exist, and it has been reopened. During the night, another victim of the petrification that has been happening, is brought in. It is Colin Creevey. Most of the school is of the opinion that Harry is behind all the attacks that have been happening, but there are those who believe him innocent, and not just his friends! But when Harry finds the diary of Tom Riddle, the entire case takes a whole new twist!


This week we are reading Chapters 10-13


  1. Why was the quidditch game allowed to continue when the bludger was deemed to have been tampered with?
  2. Harry learns quite suddenly that he is a parselmouth. Why is this such a bad thing?
  3. What do you think of Hermoine’s plan to sneak into the Slytherin House Common Room?