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Hop into Spring with Benadryl!

It is almost time for Spring to make its appearance!! Warmer weather, sunshine, trees and flowers blooming, and the wonderful scents that scream new life! With the onset of Spring comes the onset of allergies! Often times we dismiss allergy symptoms to a cold or just feeling a bit under the weather. You don’t have to suffer in silence! Allergy sufferers unite!

I used to have the worst allergies in the world. I could walk outside and my eyes would start to swell shut. I was miserable from the start of spring to when the pollen finally started to taper off. Benadryl has long been my friend! As I have grown older, my allergies have gotten much better! I love to be outdoors! We do a lot of camping with Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, and I would not be able to function some days without Benadryl! While I don’t suffer on the same level as I did when I was young (thankfully), there are still some pollen types that hit me harder than most!

Not all allergens reside outdoors! Dust, pet dander, and more are lurking in your home! We don’t often think that dust is something that can trigger allergies, but it does! Pet dander is another huge trigger for some! I am highly allergic to cats – so I keep Benadryl in my bag, just in case! I love to visit with friends and I refuse to let a cat be the reason that I cannot spend time with some of my favorite people!

Now – if you are ready for some awesome news…. Benadryl will be 20% OFF from 22-28 March at your local NEX!! GREAT SAVINGS!! Mark your calendars, and get ready for some major savings! Stock up for all your Springtime needs in one swoop! Head on over to http://www.mymilitarysavings.com/brands/johnson-and-johnson-navy-exchange to check out all the sweet deals for this month!