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Hoping Into Spring

Can you believe that it is already March? Spring has pretty much sprung here in South Texas, and Zion is ready for the outdoors.. well, kind of. Zion loves to play outside, but he hates grass and pretty much any other kind of texture the ground has to offer. He will go outside without shoes, but he prefers them in order to actually really play. We have a flower bed in our front yard and he has been very into keeping it pretty with us. We go to a lot of nursery’s and find plants and flowers that we all love. Zion and Amaiah have both picked out their favorites and they are now in the garden. Zion gets so excited when his flowers bloom. He thinks things like that are beautiful!

He was on Spring Break last week and we took full advantage of his time off. We had little lunch dates, went to a trampoline park, and he got to play with his friends David and Emma. Zion tells me everyday he doesn’t want to go back to school, which makes me sad. He said he doesn’t want to take naps and that the kids are mean. We have an Autism specialist in our district (he is based at Zion’s school) and he was in my room about 2 weeks ago discussing strategies for a kiddo in my classroom. We started talking about Zion and I told him how he doesn’t want to go to school and he hates nap time. He said I should talk to his teacher and the Autism PPCD teacher (the classroom he is attached to) to work out a plan where he can go to that classroom during nap time to play games or things like that, as long as his behavior as been good. I am going to send some emails this week to see if this will work out. We may need an ARD meeting to set it place, but I am okay with that. Zion also had a nutrition parade at his school. He dressed up as a banana and waved at everyone in the crowd. Talk about a proud mom!! He did so amazingly well!


Zion starts soccer soon!! Okay, so for some of our readers, you may remember back in Boston when we put Zion in soccer. Well, we also all saw how that didn’t work out well. He cried every practice, refused to participate, and didn’t want to socialize with anyone. He has been telling me he wants to play and to be honest I was hesitant due to past experiences. After months of asking and reassurance, we finally put Zion in soccer. He starts practice next week and his games start in April. I am nervous but excited and hoping that everything turns out well.

Also, April is Autism Awareness Month!! April 2nd is World Autism Day and everyone is encouraged to wear blue to promote awareness. I have an amazing little boy, and I am so proud of every single thing he does. We have our challenges, but with every success it makes those hiccups a thing from the past. I have learned so much from Zion, and although we accommodate at times for him, in our eyes is he still has follow directions and has responsibilities just like everyone else in the community. For our family, Autism isn’t something I ever feared. I have embraced everything that comes with this diagnosis and wish every Autism family out there nothing but pure love! See you next month!