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How do we choose the perfect book!?

Finding the “perfect” book is harder than one can imagine! As we move through the MMS book club, and work on finding the books that we share with you… it can be a hard choice sometimes! There are so many great books and so little time to read them all! Am I the only one that has a reading list that goes past life expectancy?!

So just how are the books chosen for the book club?? Well… as we have both kids and adult reads, making sure that we encompass a little of what everyone loves is what I attempt do. While we have some teens that follow the adult reads as well, I try and keep the books to a level where no one will get offended, (although, we have had one stinker of a book), and a book that both men and women will enjoy. I try to cycle through as many genre’s as we can. History, classics, non-fiction.. the list is endless! As I look through the books that are waiting, I enjoy the search for the “perfect” adventure.

I always start at the library. Going through the shelves a little at a time to search to see what sounds interesting, and then sitting down in the aisle to read a few of the pages here and there to make sure it conforms to the standards that I have for books. There are pages that can slip through anyone, and make for a very interesting read indeed… but checking the ratings and the reviews are also helpful. To many bad reviews can make one rethink a choice. Online reviews are great for looking at whether a book is worth reading or not. By checking the availability and pricing, I try to ensure that if you cannot get the book at the library (always check there first!!) that they are easy to find and locate, no matter where you are stationed in the world! By the way, with libraries these days going online, did you know that you can get apps from your library that allow you to borrow books without setting foot in the library!? If you use electronic readers, (kindles or nooks), or use the apps for them through your smart phone or Ipad, you can also electronically borrow books from your library! I love being able to browse books no matter where I am, and borrow them through my phone! How easy is that!?

The kids choices are fun to choose! I love finding things that will expand a child’s horizons and imaginations! Within the pages of the books, the adventures awaiting are boundless!! Sailing through the seas with pirates, trying to find a secret door, magic, and more! The books for the adults are the same! Wishing to escape the present, even for a little while within the pages of journey are limitless!! Travelling the world from your couch is possible! India, China, Vietnam, America, World War II, heartbreak, loss, and more! The emotions that a book can evoke is amazing! There have been books that have brought me to tears, had me rolling with laughter, and sometimes even hoping that a certain character gets “removed” from the story line.

If you have enjoyed the choices that we have had so far, hold on to your hats!! We have some GREAT books coming your way in 2016!! I wanted to incorporate more of what YOU the reader wanted, and we have had some amazing suggestions so far! Don’t worry.. if you have not given me your choices yet, its never to late! You can always email them to me at bookclub@mymilitarysavings.com and I will add them to the list that we keep! After all, without you, this amazing space would not exist! I will continue to bring amazing journeys your way!!

Don’t forget, if you have not joined us on the book club yet, you can do it today!! Make sure you keep your eyes open for the author interviews that have!!

Happy Reading!! Wishing you the Merriest of holidays with your families!






  • Rebecca, there are some Titles that may be of interest. They sounded interesting and I got them from the Sunday paper section “A Novel to Read through the New Year. Here is what I think may be a good read for Adults: Jan – The Guest Room by Chris Bohjalian, The Past by Tessa Hadley; Feb – Ginny Gall by Charlie Smith; Mar – Innocents and Others by Dana Spiotta; Apr – Eligible by Curtis Sittenfield; May – Modern Lovers by Emma Straub, Imagine Me Gone by Adam Haslett, Zero K by Don DeLillo, LaRose by Louis Erdrich; and Jun – End of Watch by Stephen King. These are just a few to maybe start the New Year off. I look forward to reading again because I have been absent the last couple of months. I hope that when you look into these, they may be on the list this year.

    Welcome to the New Year.