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Howliday Inn – Week 4

Chester has returned, and Harold is beyond excited to see his friend, especially when he finds out that he is not a ghost and is still alive! Now they wake the other animals and begin the process of solving the mystery at last, and trying to explain the disappearance of two more animals from Chateau Bow-Wow. Chester is hurrying everyone along as quickly as he can, as they only have so much time before the culprit makes his appearance.

As new evidence comes to light, the real reason has been made clear. Howard and Heather are not werewolves, they are parents! They have hidden their puppies in order to keep them safe, and their suspicious behavior is explained away. But who is responsible??

This week we are reading chapters 10-12.


1. Did you ever believe that Howard and Heather really were werewolves?

2. When Harrison is revealed as the culprit, did you suspect him already or were you surprised?

3. Chester saved the day, do you have a cat or dog at home? Animals are very perceptive to their surroundings. Do your pets keep you safe?




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