Beyond the Horizons – Week 4

The name of the game this week is revenge. As we follow Mace and Tom through their final stages of their journey, we see the last stand of the Snake Dancers, and their reign of terror that they were meting out throughout Arizona. Teaming up with Mordecai, Mace is able to get out of the desert alive, and begin the healing process at a hospital. While there, he reunites with Tom, and meets Amy, the young woman who had been kidnapped by Indians. Mordecai really only cares about silver and gold, but there is something about these men that draws him in. Even a loner needs someone now and again, and this small group of friends

Both Tom and Mace resign the army, and make their way back through the desert. With Mordecai leading them, they are going to finish and settled the score with Chactoke. As Amy described the area where she had been held by the Indians, the men learn where to find them, and vow to finish them off completely.


This week we are reading chapters 26-31



1. Revenge rushes through most of the book. Did you find the scenarios believable?

2. As Chactoke realizes that he is losing his effectiveness, do you think he would have been better to find another tribe to band with?

3. With disease running through the cave where they are holed up, its only a matter of time before they were decimated completely. How do you think they were infected?

4. Does revenge ever completely make things better, or is it only a small band-aid?



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