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Jack in Black

Days are getting darker earlier, but that does not mean that we can’t sit around and enjoy the quiet that comes with the dark. The Jack in Black is the perfect after dinner beverage. I loved this simple yet elegant drink. After hectic days, being able to sit back and unwind with a classic is the way to go. For the weekend, a Jack in Black just makes sense! Get ready to feel like a million bucks with this drink!

What makes even more sense is saving some cents. If you check out the amazing savings at your local Class Six, there are are some fabulous deals this month! I love being able to stock up on my favorite drinks and mixes! Your Class Six keeps a fantastic inventory on hand. To see what is on sale this month, check out the Brown-Forman page, and snag these fantastic deals. While you are on the page, check out the other amazing drinks that are available. There is something for everyone!

Get ready for a fun evening with friends and family. Be prepared to share a Jack in Black with your fave people! This holiday season, drink happy and stay healthy!

What You Need
  • 1 1/2 oz Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7®
  • 3/4 oz Coffee liqueur
  • Pepsi Cola
  1. 3/4 fill a rocks glass with cubed ice
  2. Pour Old No.7 over ice
  3. Add remaining ingredients
  4. Stir gently
  5. Add a cherry to garnish
Number of servings (yield)




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**Please drink responsibly! We value your safety and wish you many more happy evenings with family, friends, and loved ones. Persons under the age of 21 should not purchase or consume alcoholic beverages of any kind. If you consume alcohol while you are away from home and are considering driving, please call a Designated Driver or a cab to take you home! Live to drink another day!**