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Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning – Week 2

The Land of Stories is fixing to get a rude wake up call!! Are you ready for this weeks grand adventure?

Conner has been trying to reach his sister, and has been unsuccessful. He has missed all the outings and great food that his fellow students and teacher are enjoying. When he finally manages to make contact with the fairy world, its with Mother Goose, who tells him about the portal, and confirms the story that the Brothers Grimm had set down. He must try and find a way to find if the portal is still closed or if it is open again. But when he steps out of the stall he was hiding in, Bree is standing there waiting for him. She has overheard everything that he and Mother Goose were talking about, and now he can’t just leave her behind. So they sneak out of the airport and head off to find the information they are needing. Bree is in shock, but knows that she is going to have the adventure of a lifetime!

In the meantime, Alex is working feverishly to get ready for the fairy ball. She has been wanting this forever. But her situation is not the only one changing. Bo Peep has challenged Little Red Riding Hood to her throne. There are a lot of things that are going to change. But one of the biggest is the change that is fixing to hit the Fairy Godmother. While there is still time, time is running out quickly.

There are more than a few hurdles that Bree and Conner must get through, and with some help from some unsuspecting bystanders, they are slowly making their way to their destination. Add in a crazy Monte Carlo casino and a little old lady who knows more than she is letting on, and things are bound to be exciting.  But when they get to the castle where they are sure they will find the portal, they find that the tickets are sold out. Devastated, they make friends with one of the little boys who lives nearby, and he tells them that he knows of a secret way into the castle. As they work through each of the rooms, they finally arrive at one that Conner is sure that he will be home to the portal they are searching for. But something goes terribly wrong when they are all sucked into the portal…

This week we are reading Chapters 8-15


  1. Alex knows that there is much that she can still learn. But do you think she is ready for the role she has been chosen for?
  2. Conner’s secret has been found out by one person, do you think Bree was the best person to learn this secret?
  3. Things are fixing to get crazy for the Land of Stories, will Alex and Conner be ready for the challenge?