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The Curse of the Pharaohs – Week 2

As the dig begins to progress, Amelia knows that it is going to be an interesting season. There has been a sighting of a white robed figure, and there have been shrieking noises heard as well. Factor in a beautiful widow, who is determined to cast her charms on Professor Emerson, it is sure to be one wild ride! As the join the new widow at the hotel for dinner, they are beset by a woman who brings with her a presence that cannot be ignored. As the Lady Berengeria descends upon the unsuspecting professor, one is not sure whether to laugh or feel pity for the plight that he is put into. With her claims that they are reincarnated from a previous life and had been united in love during their reign in the ancient land of Egypt, the professor is literally left without words (although seriously, I died laughing while reading through this section).

With the men digging deeper into the tomb, the persistent rumors of the Pharaohs curse is brought to the forefront. While the majority do not believe in curses, the native labor does. Emerson has his hands full trying to keep the men in line, and the local Imam who thrives on the theatrics, the threat of the men walking off the job and refusing to work is a daily battle that must be fought. But there seems to be something else going on. The missing archaeologist is still a lingering thought with everyone. One does not simply vanish into thin air, and with the appearance of his cat back at the house the mystery deepens even more.

Mary, the lovely daughter of Lady Berengeria, is working at the tomb copying the art work that is depicted on the wall. Her appearance though seems to have brought some tensions between a few of the men working on the tomb. Karl is obviously interested, as is Mr. Milverton, but the longer she is around, the more the tempers seem to fray. But the appearance of her mother at the dig does more to upset Mary than anything else that has happened to this point. With the threat of staying at the villa with the rest of the group, Lady Berengeria leaves, but the prospect of seeing her each evening is depressing for even the most upbeat of them all. As they head back toward the house, Mr. Milverton asks Amelia if he can confide in her. Being interrupted ruins the chance, but a whispered meeting spot is given, and Amelia is determined to make the meeting no matter what might happen…

This week we are reading Chapters 5-8


  1. Should the appearance of the cat of the missing archaeologist have precipitated another search?
  2. Lady Berengeria lives in a fantasy world, but one that she thoroughly enjoys. What do you think of the voluptuous lady?
  3. Mr. Milverton is about to drop a bombshell on Amelia. How would you have responded?