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Summer Reading and Ramblings

I went to the library today.. which was a REALLY BAD IDEA. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the library. We go at least once a week and spend the afternoon. There are so many awesome books out, and I grabbed TEN new ones, all the while forgetting the 12 books I already have sitting here that I really need to get through before the end of the month. I mean, successful in book hunting.. yes.. Forgetting that I am a mom and have responsibilities? OF COURSE!

There are times that I am jealous of the kids getting out of school for the summer. I miss the days of being “bored and having nothing to do.” I am sure that most parents can related to that statement. I miss having the time to sit and read when I want (or sleep), where I want, with no major responsibility hanging over my head. Now I have to keep tiny humans alive, make sure they eat, AND keep a house running properly. Add in the dog who thinks she is a tiny human, and life is exciting.

As I sat in my office looking over the new pretties (I mean books), that I got at the library, I realized something. As parents, we tend to “let ourselves go.”  I don’t mean that we look terrible and have more pajama outfits than anything else (although they are comfy), its the simple fact of we do not take time for us. I love my kids and being involved with them. I love my job and working with others. But there are days I want to build that blanket fort, grab a flashlight and a backpack full of snacks and coffee and hide out while I read through the History of Ancient Egypt, and The Breakdown. Those are just two of the way to many books sitting on my desk asking for reviews (and yes, I have scheduled them out, and have them written into my calendar.. so adulty thing there). BUT, while I was sitting here trying to get it all figured out, I realized I could kill two birds with one stone.

While I work on my summer reads (and finding awesome books to share with you dear readers), my boys are going to be working through some fun reads too. Of course, they will have their outside play time and chores, but why not get a good couple hours of dedicated reading time in per day. But the fun is NOT only for the kids! This summer, I will have some fun new author interviews for you! I am so excited to share these with you! So make sure that you are watching the blogs! I cannot wait to introduce these authors to you, and I am excited to share their writings with you!

Happy almost summer!!