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Let Listerine brighten your smile!

Fresh breath – we all love it! This time of year, we are probably a little more conscious of what our breath is like. We spend more time in tightly packed areas, shopping and visiting. For real though, I carry a bottle of Listerine mouth wash, for those just in case moments.  The holiday season is crazy enough,  but then we must add in traveling for some. Not everything is remembered in your luggage. I don’t think I have ever completed a trip (outside the Army) that I managed to pack everything that was needed. Keep Listerine for your family and friends! Leave a small bottle on their bed with other items that they will need, or put a larger bottle in the bathroom for common use (although small cups next to the bottle are suggested, to keep sick germs down). If you are traveling through the airports, you can carry a small travel sized bottle, for those moments when you just need to freshen up just a little bit. Long or short layovers, sometimes just a quick brush and rinse will keep your mouth feeling fabulous the entire day!

I love keeping Listerine in my home! Not only does it keep your mouth feeling fresh, but it helps to kill the gingivitis and other germs that can breed unknowingly in your mouth. I have found that by cutting it down just a little bit, even my boys will use it. Now that is a parenting win! Swish with Listerine and keep the dentist at bay! I am no fan of the dentist (very few are), so being able to do some preventative measures at home keep me pretty jolly all year long.

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