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Macaroni and Cheese heaven!

Can we take a moment and thank who ever created this magical goodness? KRAFT Macaroni and Cheese is a common staple in my house! It kept me alive in college, and has continued to become a favorite lunch in our house. Now that school is back in session, and our days are running crazier than normal, it is an awesome lunch! We have learned to roll with the punches. While sandwiches can suffice (you should check out the awesome deals on deli meat this month too), sometimes that ooey gooey cheesy bowl of macaroni is the best thing ever!

With the original design still being our favorite, I had to win mom of the year with the Star WarsMacaroni and Cheese that is now available! I snuck several into my cart, and managed to get it home without either of my kiddos realizing we had fun awaiting us! It was the hit of the lunch table! We flew our X-Wing fighters across the plates, checked out our R2-D2 voices, and even tried Darth Vader! While we could not pull it off as well as Luke Skywalker, we had a blast trying! But making those spoons fly to their mouths was the master jedi trick of the day!

I know some of ya’ll are thinking, but there are no veggies! Super easy fix! Just grab some peas or green beans, zap in the microwave or heat on the stove, and add to the top of your macaroni and cheese! Super easy, delicious and adds a little different OOMPH to an already awesome meal. I have one that prefers green beans, and one that prefers peas, so we do both! Feel good lunches that are mom and kid approved! Head on over to your local commissary and grab these while the prices are on FIRE!! At only EIGHTY CENTS per box, you can stock the cabinets without breaking the bank! Liquid gold without breaking into Fort Knox!

Pricing is good through 8 OCTOBER 2017