Wipe out those BREAKOUTS!

There are some things that people worry about AND one of those things is BREAKOUTS! Why do breakouts ALWAYS occur right before something major, a ball, a dance, a speech or ANYTHING super important? I tend to break out just thinking about breaking out! So annoying!
We are always looking for products to help prevent these breakouts and make them a little less noticeable when we get them. BREAKOUTS come out of nowhere so here is what you can use to ease the embarrassment.
There are many benefits to this product, here they are listed:

Neutrogena Acne Correct and Cover Oil-free Moisturizer (pink grapefruit) fiercely clears breakouts and evens out skin tone. This non-greasy formula contains clinically proven acne fighting medicine and MicroClear Technology so it moisturizes and wipes out breakouts without blocking your pores.
This moisturizer is pure, water-based and blends naturally into the skin, it balances out redness and lessens the look of acne marks. It is also available in two shades that help across multiple skin tones for obviously clearer, more beautiful and smoother skin.

So on to the preventive products, this product is best for acne-prone skin, these super soft, pre-moistened facial cleansing wipes meticulously cleanse your skin of pore-clogging filths, all while smelling a blast of pink grapefruit. Therefore, in one simple step, your skin feels clean with no greasy residue. And the greatest thing is, there is no need to rinse! I love this product, especially on those hot sweaty days. My skin feels its best after using these facial cleansing wipes. I thought after my adolescent years, I wouldn’t have breakouts…I WAS WRONG!

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