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Misery – Week 4

Oh my readers… HANG ON! It’s about to get a little crazy over here! Find yourself the time to sit and finish this out, because once you start, you will NOT be able to stop!! Are you ready!? Let’s dive in!


Paul is working on the last of his novel, and contemplating how to get rid of Annie once and for all. The police have been to the house a couple of times, looking for their lost State Trooper. Annie was admittedly the last person to see him alive, so they keep returning. Her demeanor is calm when they are around, but as soon as they leave, she becomes more and more unhinged. She fired a shot in the air at the reporter who came out to get the story, and now people are beginning to drive by and gawk at the house, like she is some sort of freak show. While she may be a freak show, what she is attempting to hide is a lot worse than just a missing car. Paul is stuck in the bedroom, on his best behavior whenever anyone comes to the house. He feels guilty for the death of the trooper, and is determined not to let it happen again. He is going to take care of Annie himself.

They say revenge is sweet, and what Paul is planning for Annie is sweet indeed. After being trapped in the basement overnight, while she removes the evidence that the trooper was ever there, he comes up with a plan. The plan is daring, and could backfire at any time, but after months of captivity, he does not care anymore. He is tired of being held hostage, tired of being in pain, and ready for freedom – at any cost. As he finishes the book, he refuses to let her read anymore of what Misery is going through, and makes her wait, whetting her appetite with little tidbits and taunts. But she remains cool, and even friendly for a little while. But the day the novel is finished, he is ready to unleash his plan – and let fate control the outcome…..

This week we are reading pages 273 – 351


  1. Is Annie unraveling faster since the trooper paid his visit?
  2. Paul comes up with an extremely daring plan. Do you think he has a prayer that it will work?
  3. What would your reaction have been if you were the police officer who first broke into the parlor?
  4. Did you enjoy the book?