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Sunday Funday Spook-tacular Reads!

Sunday is the day that is used in my house to relax. We get ready for the upcoming week, prep the laundry, and of course, I steal reading time. Lets be honest, I am going to find time to read no matter what.. but lately it has been extremely busy. Kids activities, community activities that we are involved in, and of course, life. I have found it harder and harder to read when I want. Sunday’s though are my days to simply relax as much as I can, while holding a book in my hands.

Since Halloween is almost upon us, I went through and snagged some fun reads that I could not wait to dive into. So if you are ready for a haunting good time, you might want to check out some of these titles. Most of them are available at your local libraries!

  1. The Moonlit Road and other ghost and horror stories – Ambrose Bierce
  2. Spooky Stories and Twisted Tales – Roger Hurn
  3. Haunted Scottish Castles and Houses – G. Stewart
  4. 10 British Royal Ghosts – Joanne Hayle
  5. The Haunters and the Haunted Ghost Stories and Tales of the Supernatural – Various Authors
  6. Haunted Places – Hans Holzer
  7. Tales of Ghostly Horror – Peter Drake
  8. Real Ghost Stories of the South – Kevin Bozard
  9. Creepy: Full Collection of 38 Creepy Tales – Jeff Bennington
  10. Scottish Ghost Stories – Elliott O’Donnell

Some of these books will also be available on your e-readers if you choose to go that route as well! Finding a good ghost story can be hard. I want something that is going to send chills down my spine, and make me afraid to sleep without a light on. I have yet to find something that scares me to that point, but the older the ghost story, the better it is! To find a decent ghost story, one that has been passed down generation to generation, are usually the ones that will raise the hair on the back of your necks. This list is not comprehensive, and there are so many more books out there. Which ones would you add?