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More Adventures of the Great Brain – Week 2

When a new family arrives in Adenville, they quickly become the talk of the town. A father and daughter have moved into the old Fitzgerald home. The young lady however, acts like anything but. She has been raised as a boy, and wears jeans and shirts. When the town forces the father to send his young daughter to school, he complies, but his daughter is anything but willing to be in school. Since she has never been, she is started in the first grade, but all she wants to do is sit with her arms folded and refuse to participate in anything that the teacher draws her into. Tom is the town genius, and when his parents challenge him to help the young girl learn, he puts his great brain to work. Not because he really wants to, but because his parents have taken away his bike until he can help her. So as he tries his best to get the young lady interested in learning, he discovers it is going to take some cunning and quick thinking. But while Tom works on getting her to learn numbers and letters, Mamma is going to work on getting her to wear dresses like the other young girls.

As summer wears on, its time for the yearly camping trip that Papa and the Fitzgerald boys take together. But when they get to their usual fishing spot, its full of people. Papa makes the decision to push on  and find a spot that no human has ever been to before. Tom begins to hang back, marking on trees and making piles of stones. No one has any idea of why they are doing it, until they realize they are completely lost. They stay put knowing that Uncle Mark will be along in a couple of days to bring them home. But now they have to find a way for Papa to save face and still be a hero to Mamma..

This week we are reading Chapters 2-3


  1. Dotty is unlike any girl the boys have ever seen. Do you think their is hope for her to become like the other young girls?
  2. Tom thinks that having his bike taken away until Dotty learns something. Do you think it was a good incentive for the little swindler?
  3. The boys band together to help Papa remain the hero in their little adventure. Would you have done the same thing?