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Nerdy Nibbles goes SOUR!

Happy March! I had big fun plans for all sorts of green foods to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, BUT, my littlest leprechaun has been sick for the past week. No good. He’s finally on the mend, so I was able to whip up a couple of easy green snacks that are perfect for St. Patty’s Day or just a quick after school snack!

Now, I’m sure like me, you’ve seen a few “sour patch grapes” recipes floating around Pinterest. Also, maybe like me, you think to yourself, “how in the world is that even appealing?” 😀 I decided to bite the bullet as I have two sour patch loving kids and wanted to surprise them. Fingers crossed!

The recipe is really easy. You take some cleaned, still damp grapes and shake them around in lime gelatin powder. Sounds easy enough. I can’t imagine what they’ll taste like.

HEAVEN. That is what they taste like. I know, I’m just as shocked as you. My kids finally had to shoo me away from the plate because I could not stop sampling these grapes. They’re sweet and tangy and WAY WAY better than sour patch kids candy. Even my 10 year old agreed with that sentiment. If you try one single recipe, let it be this one. And let the kids help! It’s so easy! Bonus, no post-chewy-candy dentist trip necessary because hey, they’re grapes!

Now, usually for a green milkshake, I would think of something minty and creamy. My 5 year old disagrees and has decided he is VERY anti-peppermint. So, instead of mint chocolate chip shakes (I know, he’s weird!) we went with lime sorbet floats! Just as pretty and green and just as tasty. Also, just as easy. It’s just lime sorbet plus your favorite lemon lime soda. Creamy, bubbly, and delicious! The kids got creative and tossed some sour patch grapes into their floats for an extra sour kick. Yum!

Of course, as my kids and I were snacking on the crazy delicious green grapes, we started throwing around some different possible flavor combinations. I had these red globe grapes so we tossed them in raspberry gelatin. Verdict? Just as amazing. You guys have got to try this awesome trick!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!