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Oh my gosh, school is just around the corner!! Summer has seriously flown by! Schools are already sending out their school supply list’s prepping for the new school year. While my kids are sweating summer coming to an end, I’m sweating my wallet and my time! I am shopping for 3 kids! While I am in full support of their instructors needs and have no issue grabbing every last item and more if they need it, I am still counting pennies over here! That’s 3 backpacks because my kids aren’t really “gentle” with their packs from last year, 3 sets of lists, hundreds of pencils and pens, ten packs of random supplies and more, my head is spinning!

Oh and let’s add the PCS cycle to this! If you are like my family, we are getting ready to PCS here next month, so all of our household goods will be gone for about 2 months!! CHINET seriously saves my day when I don’t have dishes at the ready 🙂

With all the stress of school preparations, supply shopping, school clothes shopping because we all know the kids grow like weeds over the summer, the last thing I want to do is add more to my daily plate. CHINET helps us out here moms!!! Let them help you lighten to load and grab some of their disposable dinnerware! Spend less time in the kitchen, and more time getting those to do lists done! Check out the HOT DEALS below! 



Hot deals with you in mind! Remove dishes off your to do list, stock up on these hot deal items and move through the rest of the summer with ease! Keep dirty dishes out of the sink, and stress down to  a minimum with CHINET products. For these deals and more amazing savings, keep visiting us over at www.chinetmilitary.com and be in the KNOW!