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HOT DEALS with Pepsi!!



Like any mom, and me being a mom of 3, I absolutely love a great deal! Whether it’s during the school year or summer, if I can save some money, I am all over it! This month there are savings all over! Your local AAFES and NEX have savings that are amazing! These hot deals range from sodas, to waters to refueling gatorade! Continue to enjoy the refreshing, delicious taste of Pepsi, Mountain Dew and others at a steal of a price. If you are a water drinker like me, I go through a ton of bottles a week, so this deal is calling out to me. And for those into sports, or your service members with daily physical fitness, Pepsi has you covered with an amazing Gatorade deal! Check them out below!


With deals like these, you can’t lose. Stock up, for now, stock up for the school year! I am not a couponer by far, I wish I was but I frankly don’t have the time or patience to clip coupons and shop multiple stores. This is my way to save. I grab a few cases of my families favorites, water, and Pepsi varieties and stock them up in my garage. This way we have a good stockpile for at least through the beginning of the school year, and I saved money! Now I can focus on school supply lists and back to school gear. With summer being as hot as it is, we have Gatorade stocked for the next couple of months to keep those electrolytes up.

These savings are not going to last forever, so head over today and stock up!


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