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One Second After – Week 2

The America that we know is no more. As the residents of Black Mountain are doing their best to maintain control and order, but everything that was “normal” two weeks ago seems foreign and ancient. As the days tick by and food becomes more scarce, disease begins to spread, and death begins to take over the small town. John and his family still have  mode of transportation, thanks to his mother in laws older vehicle, but most of the town is now on foot and more and more refugees are arriving at the town barricades. The small council has set down martial law, and more and more the control of the town is tightening. The not knowing of what is going in the rest of the country, and lack of news has people on edge.

John is confronted with duties that he never thought that he would have to fulfill. He is chosen as the executioner for two young adults who were caught with stolen narcotics from the nursing home, and his former career as Colonel in the army has propelled him forward into a more prominent role within the community. As they band together and strive to keep control and disease from taking over, the next round of business in the panic that is setting in and beginning to take over. Simple things such as finding cemetery space and making sure that containment stays intact is harder than any of them could have imagined. Some decisions are just easier than others. The lack of medications and the shortages are forcing more decisions that no one wants to truly face.

The college is forming a small militia and John is chosen as its new leader. With the help of Sgt. Washington, retired from the Marine Corp, the small militia is a small hope that some of the community members hope will help keep them safe, just in case normal never returns to their beloved town. But what about the country at large? They are after all Americans..

This week we are reading Chapters 5-7


  1. The shortages of food and supplies are forcing more and more strictures being placed upon the community. Do you see this holding for a long period of time?
  2. John is uncomfortable with some of the roles that he is being asked to fill. With the fall of the government, how many of us would be comfortable taking roles that we are not accustomed to?
  3. Medicine scarcity and the rise of disease is a cause of concern. With the lack of hospitals and modern plumbing, sickness is bound to spread. What other precautions should be taken to reduce the spread of disease?





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