The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place – Week 2

Miss Lumley sure has her hands full with the little “incorrigible’s” that she has been hired to govern. As she works through beginning to teach them the basics of what every person should know, she finds that she misses her time at the Swanburne Academy, and also begins to wonder what her own family must have been like. But the children do not give her much time to put to much time to put her mind wandering very far.

Alexander, Beowulf, and Cassiopeia, as they have been named by Mr. Ashton, are willing to learn, and even more excited to please her. She manages to coax them into the bath, and after a bit of help from Jasper, into some decent clothing as well. As they begin working through their education, she finds that she has to balance their loads. The children love to run off at the slightest wisp of a squirrel, and as she trains them to resist chasing them, there are more breakthroughs than even she could have imagined. The mysterious Old Timothy seems to pop around a tree every now again, but he won’t talk to her, just nods and moves off.

Mrs. Ashton informs Penelope that they are all going to be present at the Christmas party that she is planning, and she hopes the children will be well behaved. She is very intent on making a good impression on the local gentry, as it will be her first party as Lady of the House.  As Penelope begins to realize the magnitude of the task set before her, she begins to wish she could take the children away during the party. With the help of Margaret and Jasper, she and the children learn the dance that will be performed at the party. But as they are dancing their way down the stairs, a horrifying sight meets the children’s eyes..

This week we are reading Chapters 5-8


  1. What do you think an incorrigible child looks like? Draw a picture and share it with us!
  2. Miss Lumley has been teaching them the proper names for items in the nursery. Do you ever play I spy?
  3. For being found in the woods, the children seem incredibly bright. Do you think they were always in the woods?




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