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President James Monroe

This Military Monday, we salute….

President James Monroe!

Known for the “Monroe Doctrine,” James Monroe was the 5th President of the United States! James Monroe fought under George Washington and studied law with Thomas Jefferson. After dropping out of the College of William & Mary, he went to fight in the American Revolution. His first act of rebellion was to join several classmates and raid the arsenal of the British royal governor, escaping with weapons and supplies that they turned over to the Virginia militia. He soon joined the Continental Army, becoming an officer in 1776, and was part of General George Washington’s army at the Battle of Trenton, where he was severely wounded.

James Monroe  was elected as President in 1817, and during his presidency five new states were admitted into the country. These included Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama, Maine, and Missouri. Monroe also further added to the expansion of the United States by buying the territory of Florida from Spain. In 1823, Monroe decided that the US would no longer allow European countries to colonize or conquer independent states in the Americas. He made a US policy that stated that if a European country were to attack or colonize any country in the Americas, the United States would consider it an act of war. This policy later became known as the Monroe Doctrine.


  • He was the third president to die on the 4th of July.
  • In the famous painting of George Washington Crossing the Delaware, the soldier holding the flag is supposed to be Monroe.
  • He was a descendant of Edward III the King of England.
  • He is considered the last of the Founding Fathers to become president.


Thank you for your service Mr. President!