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Listerine Fresh Breath Tabs

Refresh Your Breath With LISTERINE®

Everyone loves fresh breath! As we eat and drink throughout the day, our breath needs a refresher. Most of us tend to brush in the morning and evening, and the rest of the day, we hope for the best.

Not anymore!  With LISTERINE®  READY! TABS® you can be prepared for whatever comes your way. I love keeping these in my purse or in my car, as I never know what the day is going to throw at me. From meetings to teacher conferences, to running errands after lunch,  I always feel as though my breath is fresh and clean when I use LISTERINE® READY! TABS®

With the full LISTERINE®  line available, there is something for everyone.  Choose products for whiter teeth, fresher breath, cavity control, and so much more!

As you prepare for the holiday season, LISTERINE® READY! TABS® are great for stocking stuffers! With these savings, you can stock up now and be fully prepared for whatever your day has in store for you!