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‘Salem’s Lot – Week 3

‘Salem’s Lot is in a lot more trouble than they realize. As Susan is confronted with something that she never thought possible, she still refuses to believe what she heard. With Ben and Matt both in the hospital, she has to wait to get the answers that she is seeking. When she gets to see Ben and get some of the story, she is beyond horrified, but cannot grasp what she is hearing. Finally, when she and Ben are able to see Matt Burke, the entire story unfolds. They know that they have to act, and are aware that their scenario seems completely ridiculous… I mean, after all, vampires are just a story, right!?

Matt and Ben know that they have to get the doctor on their side, and explain the situation, and what they believe is going on. Three bodies have already gone missing from the morgue and there are no explanations as to what is going on or why. The cause of death for all involved is still up in the air. Dr. James Cody believes that there might be an infection, perhaps encephalitis, but no definitive proof on cause of death. As  he calls in a favor to the funeral home, he and Ben discuss what could and should happen. While he is still skeptical about the story that Ben has told him, what harm could a night of watching do?

When the unthinkable happens before their eyes, the evidence is there, but you cant simply walk into the police station and state that the bodies are getting up and moving on their own, and that there are vampires living in ‘Salem’s Lot.

Mark Petrie knows that he has to figure out what is going on at the Marsten House. After Danny Glick, the young boy who recently died,  shows up at his bedroom window, he has been trying to figure out what to do. He wants to put an end to the madness taking over the small town, but where do you start? How do you get rid of them all? When he runs into Susan Norton outside the Marsten House, they decide to team up and hunt down the vampire together. But what happens next, neither one of them saw coming..

This week we are reading Chapters 10-12


  1. Matt Burke has never shown any symptoms of dementia or fantasy, but how well would his story have been received either way? Could you have believed him?
  2. The sheriff is convinced that Dr Cody and Ben are lying to him. Would you have told him the truth?
  3. Mark Petrie shows quite a bit of courage when it comes to trying to find a way how to stop the vampires. Does the fact that he is a child surprise you? He seems just as determined at Ben Mears doesn’t he?