Bunnicula – Week 3

Alright kids, it is time to continue our adventures! Grab your books and get ready to dive in! This week will leave you laughing. Chester is sure that he can find a way to stop Bunnicula, no matter how long it takes. When the family comes down stairs one morning, there are quite a few […]

Bunnicula – Week 2

Chester and Harold are set on trying to figure out what is going on with the new pet. Chester tells Harold that the bunny got out of his cage without opening the door, and managed to get into the fridge. But what he was looking for is anyone’s guess. It is not until the family […]

‘Salem’s Lot – Week 4

Things are quickly heating up in ‘Salem’s Lot. The disappearances keep happening, and more and more shops are closing up around town. As the number rises, the small group continues to work on the issue at hand. With Father Callahan, they know that they can gather a little safety, as well as getting the ground […]

‘Salem’s Lot – Week 3

‘Salem’s Lot is in a lot more trouble than they realize. As Susan is confronted with something that she never thought possible, she still refuses to believe what she heard. With Ben and Matt both in the hospital, she has to wait to get the answers that she is seeking. When she gets to see […]

Storm Front – Week 2

Harry Dresden has sure delved into a mystery of magical proportions. He is determined to solve the case, no matter the consequences. When Morgan shows up, he knows he has to tread carefully, but he has not actually broken any of the laws, at least not yet! While Harry deals with Morgan, he is mulling […]