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Storm Front – Week 2

Harry Dresden has sure delved into a mystery of magical proportions. He is determined to solve the case, no matter the consequences. When Morgan shows up, he knows he has to tread carefully, but he has not actually broken any of the laws, at least not yet! While Harry deals with Morgan, he is mulling over what he has learned so far, which is not a lot. He knows he will have to deal with Bianca at some point, but dealing with a vampire is never easy. Then you have Gentleman Johnny Marcone breathing down his neck, and Monica who is wanting answers to her husband’s disappearance. Add on top of all of that Lt. Karen Murphy wanting answers for her case, Dresden has his hands full.

With Bob’s help he manages to brew a couple of potions to try and get some answers, and of course a love potion, because Bob won’t help him otherwise. What could go wrong!? Susan is sniffing around for a story, and the one woman that might can help with the reason someone would want Tommy Tomm and Jennifer dead is not talking. She is afraid of something, but Dresden does not know what is keeping her from talking. When Susan shows up at his house unexpectedly, everything should be fine. What could go wrong??



This week we are reading Chapters 7-13


1. Do you think Harry Dresden has gotten himself in over his head with Bianca?

2. What about Bob? What do you think of the Spirit that inhabits the skull in Dresden’s basement?

3. Harry and Susan are caught in the basement with a demon. Do you think they are both going to survive the encounter??


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