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Bunnicula – Week 2

Chester and Harold are set on trying to figure out what is going on with the new pet. Chester tells Harold that the bunny got out of his cage without opening the door, and managed to get into the fridge. But what he was looking for is anyone’s guess. It is not until the family comes downstairs and opens the fridge that a tomato is found, completely white and sucked dry. But what happened to it? How did it lose all its color? Chester is bound to find out.

Since Bunnicula sleeps all day, Chester is going to do the same. He naps, leaving Harold all alone and bored in the house. At night though, that is when weird things start happening. Chester admits that nothing much happens for the first few nights, but then insists that Harold come and keep watch with him on Friday night. Of course Friday night is Harold’s favorite night to sit with Toby. Toby shares his snacks (especially his favorite chocolate cupcakes) while he reads. After Harold leaves Toby’s room, he heads back downstairs where Chester is waiting for him. They are going to find out what the bunny is up to and if he is the cause of the mysterious happenings around the house. Bunnicula seems to be quicker than either of them are prepared for. While they are researching what a vampire is, and going over the criteria, the bunny once again makes good his escape into the kitchen. However, Chester has found some pretty telling evidence hidden behind his cage…

While we wait to see what Bunnicula will do next, catch up with Chester and Harold as we read Chapters 3-4!


  1. Do rabbits normally sleep all day?
  2. Bunnicula is hiding all his food behind his cage. Why?
  3. Are Chester and Harold overthinking the new pet?