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Bunnicula – Week 3

Alright kids, it is time to continue our adventures! Grab your books and get ready to dive in! This week will leave you laughing.

Chester is sure that he can find a way to stop Bunnicula, no matter how long it takes. When the family comes down stairs one morning, there are quite a few items in the kitchen that have fallen victim to a mysterious force. Mrs. Monroe suggests that her husband take some of the items to the school where  he teaches,  to see if one of the other teachers can tell him what is causing the mysterious happenings.

However hard he tries though, Chester cannot get the family to understand his little charade game. They think he is only looking for attention, but he is really just trying to warn them of the danger that they are in. As he continues to plan evasive action, Mrs. Monroe becomes more and more irritated with his behavior. She finally breaks when Chester spreads garlic all over the house, keeping Bunnicula in his cage for the night. His punishment though, is a bath, and cats HATE baths. While he cannot give up, he is forced to suspend his actions for a while.

Harold and Chester have continued their readings on how to identify and get rid of vampires. Of course, we all know that a stake through the heart is the easiest way, and Mrs. Monroe left the most delicious looking steak on the table for their dinner. Surely that will do the trick, at least, that is the reasoning that Chester uses……

As we prepare to find out the results of the experiment, we are going to be reading Chapters 5-6


  1. Should the family have been more concerned with their vegetable situation?
  2. Chester has some wild theories, but is there any substance to them?
  3. Harold seems to be more of a follower, and a little stubborn. Why do you think Harold listens to Chester so much?